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This is the fundraising page of Samatha Sagot and Lauren Kirschblum. We are two soul sisters who have decided to put our hearts and minds together to create a world of change. All it takes is one ‘yes’ to begin a movement of creating a difference in this world. Therefore, both of us have realized that we were not just put on this earth to sit here and watch others tackle their own dreams; we were born to serve, challenge, create, discover, give, and fight for our own dreams, too.

In the last several years, we each have served thousands of people within our own health and wellness organizations, transforming other peoples’ lives on a daily basis. Now, we have decided to take our goals and dreams to the next level by joining forces! Our new vision is to create a world of possibility and change by giving back to others who may not be as fortunate. Also, our mission is to bring other people on this journey with us who have a heart for serving others.

You can be a part of this life-changing journey by donating to our July 2018 Dominican Republic Mission Trip with Handfuls of Hope. The donations we receive WILL NOT be going towards sponsoring our personal trips, but ALL donations, any amount, will be going towards the following:

  • Medical Supplies
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Education
  • Transportation (to school)
  • School Resources
  • Construction
  • Any other necessity needed by the people in the communities we will be serving.

Any amount donated will make a significant difference!!! YOUR DONATION MATTERS! YOU have the power to change and even SAVE a life. We love and appreciate all of you so much. 

Our minimum goal of $50,000 is a number that we are determined to reach. This wouldn't be possible without you.

Thank you so much!
Lauren and Sam

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